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The Sweet Enough programme will help you to reduce or even completely stop your sugar intake. You’ll probably lose weight and you’ll definitely feel better. But more important than anything else, Sweet Enough will give you your life back; a new healthier life and a happier approach to living.


What we offer

The Online Programme

Delivered online in an 8 week interactive format, this course will change the way you think about yourself and what you eat for good.

The Seminar

Over two life changing and inspirational days, this transformational seminar will cover the Sweet Enough 7 Step approach.

The Retreat

If you would like more of a hands on deeper dive experience, spending 6 days detoxing from sugar and learning from an expert team …

More About How We Can Help

Sweet Enough Healthy Choices

Are you struggling with food?

Or with your health or your weight? Perhaps you’ve tried every diet under the sun but nothing seems to work long term. Maybe you’re looking for a healthier way of living for both you and your family. You might even be having problems with a variety of health issues which could range from lethargy, mood swings, pre-diabetes or metabolic syndrome and headaches to emotional issues, obesity or just feeling unhappy. And are you left not knowing what advice to follow, what the problem is or where the answer lies?

Sweet Enough Healthy Food

A new approach to healthier living?

If any of those symptoms sound familiar there’s a big chance that sugar is playing a major part in your struggle, your lack of energy, your lifestyle itself and probably much more so than you know. Although you may be aware that there’s a lot of hidden sugar in food, the chances are you don’t know exactly how much sugar you’re eating or the real impact it’s having on your physical and emotional wellbeing. But quitting or reducing sugar isn’t about going on another diet and yet another quick fix. It’s about making a lifelong change for the better and that may seem more than a little daunting, but hear us out.

Why not try a 360-degree solution?

Because Lou and the team at Sweet Enough have developed a range of programmes and a comprehensive 360-degree approach which is like nothing else out there. Our online programme, seminar and retreats will teach you about how sugar affects your physical health as well as your mind and emotions. Not only that, our solution will give you the tools you need to handle sugar cravings and help you find your way through the mass of misinformation and complicated food labelling. You’ll also get lots of motivational support and practical advice from us, access to sugar free recipes and a chance to connect with others going through the same process as you.



Sunday Servings Sweet Enough

Lou and all the team are delighted to offer you lots of free video information on all the very latest news about health.  We don’t just talk about sugar, we look at your relationship to yourself and your body and food.  Covering all aspects is vital, the mind, nutrition, exercise, yoga, mindfulness and cooking – you can finally find everything you need, all here and in one place.


Please check out and share freely our sugar free and low sugar recipes.  You will find a myriad of dishes, from cakes to casseroles, flapjacks to flans and lots of different dinners, all designed with no or very little sugar in the recipe.  Good sugar free cooking truly doesn’t need to be boring, healthy nutritious options can be fun too!


Our blog section is filled with both past and current articles and newsletters we’ve sent out to our Sweet Enough Crew .  We’d love to keep you posted on the latest tips, freebies and updates.  So please do sign up to our blog/newsletter section, where we can keep in touch with you too.